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2021 Volunteering Case Study

Volunteering 01 January 2021

Elizabeth began working with the service user in early 2021 via phone calls.

The service user was extremely agoraphobic and struggled massively with anxiety and mental health in general. He also needed assistance with his financial situation.

At first, he was quite difficult to engage with because he was so nervous to answer and talk on the phone. Eventually, he became more comfortable with the mentor, and they could begin to discuss things he needed help with.

Elizabeth helped him sort out his benefits and PIP claim – he has been receiving the total amount of benefits that he can have. She also engaged with his GP and assisted in getting his medication in order. Sharing her personal experience with taking anti-depressants encouraged the service user to take his medications regularly.

Early on service user expressed the wish to return to Oxford area which was where he felt most comfortable. Elizabeth and his probation officer put in a referral to MIND for supported housing in the area. She assisted him with his interviews and preparation. He got offered a place and Elizabeth travelled with him to help him settle in.

Service user has now been there for almost 3 months, and he is able to leave his accommodation without any problems – he does his own shopping, goes on walks and spends a lot of time with his sister and nephews. Recently he has even started doing cash in hand jobs.

All the probation officers involved in the service user’s management had a very good rapport with Elizabeth and found her to be really helpful. Elizabeth was also the main point of contact for MIND regarding the service user and organised his assessment and move-in date with his mental health key worker.