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Case Study: Commissioned Rehabilitative Services

Case study 14 September 2021

At Interventions Alliance we understand the importance of having a safe and stable place to live. Having somewhere you can call home is often the key that unlocks other areas in your life.

Our teams help individuals to find somewhere to live if they have nowhere suitable or stable, and to resolve problems that might stop them from keeping the place that they are currently living in. We’re pleased to be able to share with you an example of how this is working in practice, through the following anonymised case study:

AH, who lives with substance abuse, was originally provided housing through the Homeless Prevention Taskforce. However, following their sentence, a decision was made to review the circumstances of their accommodation – the review was never completed and AH remained homeless.

AH was then referred to us after a serious attack on their life had left them in hospital. An assessment was then made, and they were referred into a safeguarding programme due to risk of life caused by their homelessness.

Our team arranged a meeting with the safeguarding lead for the programme and others involved with AH’s case, including Probation, Adult Social Care and Substance Misuse Services. We negotiated a fully funded B&B placement to ensure AH’s safety whilst we sourced longer term appropriate accommodation. We worked closely with Adult Social Care and Substances Misuse Services to support this placement, whilst referring to and making a case to an accommodation provider in our area.

As a result of our work, a Supported Accommodation Provider – funded by the National Probation Service to provide specialist accommodation for offenders, with the aim of reducing reoffending and monitoring behaviour – has offered accommodation for AH at the end of their present B&B placement.

Adult Social Care services in the area have now agreed to complete a full assessment due to the stability this offers AH, whilst the Probation Service have agreed to transfer the case to provide a continued overview between authorities. We will also provide initial partnership work and support to ensure a smooth transition in supporting AH.