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Hidden Heroes Day 2021: Celebrating Our Colleagues

Key insight 29 September 2021

Each year, individuals working in UK prisons, IRCs, probation and youth justice services are celebrated for their work on Hidden Heroes Day.

Recognising the importance of this special day, we’re shining a spotlight on three of our colleagues and their work in supporting individuals on their rehabilitation journeys and building better futures.

Sophie Spurling, an Administrator at our Manchester CFO Activity Hub, was recognised for her willingness to learn, adapt, and provide critical support since the Hub was launched.

Sophie’s Manager said: “Sophie has shown a great willingness to learn, adapt, help out and provide support in every aspect within our Hub from the very beginning. All our teams are well aware hey can go to her with anything they need, particularly our learning facilitator. I heavily lean upon Sophie in the creation and set up of our activity sessions and her feedback has become invaluable mirroring how these will pan out with our participants and making suggestions on how they can made more used friendly. Alongside that, she also brings a creative and colourful flavour to all our Hub handouts and information sheets, embedding a diverse culture throughout the Hub!”

Tony Reardon, a Support Worker also at our Manchester CFO Activity Hub, was recognised for his continuous positive attitude and extensive experience which he uses to consistently support his team.

Tony’s Manager said: “Tony has been a welcome addition to the team since he started. He is a positive, confident and experienced worker who is always on hand to support his team members – as well as sharing his vast knowledge of working within the criminal justice sector. Additionally, Tony has been intrinsic in the development of partnership work within both the prison and probation services across Greater Manchester. He has facilitated meetings with senior staff members at HMP Forest Bank and HMP Buckley Hall. The outcome of these meetings has enabled both teams to identify a positive referral pathway for residents who are due to leave custody. In addition, Tony facilitated ex-colleagues from the CFO3 project visiting the Hub. The visit was well received and created a good opportunity to begin identified partnership work and cross-referral opportunities. Tony is a positively focussed and respected member of the team. He is a joy to work with!”

Charlotte Bayne, a Support Worker at our Chatham CFO Activity Hub, was recognised for her high levels of enthusiasm, hard work and willingness to help and assist her colleagues.

Charlotte’s Manager said: “We would like to nominate Charlotte from the Chatham CFO Activity Hub, to be a Hidden Hero for her dedication, enthusiasm and hard work. Charlotte is always quick to help and assist colleagues and is always on hand to provide suggestions around rehabilitative activities! With participants Charlotte is always getting involved demonstrating the idea of ‘trying something new’. Charlotte has worked hard with a participant who had been struggling to fund a course for a Heavy Goods Vehicle course. With great persistence Charlotte was able to secure £1200 for the participant to complete this course. Whether she is at the allotments clearing and painting or being creative on site, Charlotte is always socially active and enthusiastic. She is a great asset to our team!”

We’re proud to recognise the hard work and dedication of all our employees across UK, who continue to provide vital support to those on their rehabilitation journey and re-entering their local communities.