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New CFO Activity Hubs open to help people make more positive choices and seek a fresh start as they leave the criminal justice system

Key insight 01 June 2021

We have opened our five new Co-financing Organisation (CFO) Activity Hubs across three English regions to support individuals to continue on their rehabilitation journeys as they build a better future, turning a corner away from their criminal past.

Part-funded by the European Social Fund, the CFO Activity Hubs in Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Bristol, and Chatham, with satellite provision at St Leonards-on-Sea, will offer additional support to individuals transitioning from a formal criminal justice setting.

At the CFO Activity Hubs, individuals will access tailored support, receive advice and guidance, and interact with positive role models and peers at a similar stage of their resettlement journey. Attendees will also receive support to address the barriers preventing them from seeking employment and gain new life skills.

Working closely with a range of specialist partners, the CFO Activity Hubs will signpost individuals to local provision which aims to support their reintegration back into the community. Ultimately, through this support, individuals can successfully reintegrate into society and build a better future for themselves.

Suki Binning, Seetec’s lead Social Worker and Executive Director of Justice and Social Care, said:

The CFO Activity Hubs are now open. They will provide a safe and supportive space for those transitioning from a formal criminal justice setting to reintegrate back into society. Working in partnership with specialist organisations, we are helping individuals in the criminal justice system to build a better future through tailored educational courses, employment support and specific training opportunities, as they progress on their rehabilitation journey.

The work will positively benefit our communities by increasing employment outcomes, which add value to local businesses, while aiding an individual’s rehabilitation.

By adopting a local approach that aims to enhance the life chances of those with a criminal past, CFO Activity Hubs are a key vehicle for building a more inclusive society.

Part of the employee-owned Seetec group, we are an evidence-led provider of public services, bridging the gap between the justice and social care sectors to build better futures and improve wellbeing. We already have experience of supporting 19,100 people with convictions each year on their rehabilitation journeys through our four probation services across Wales and the South of England.

The CFO Activity Hubs project is a key milestone in the development of our public service offering. Alongside their launch, we will also be providing new probation rehabilitation services starting later in June. These new services will aim to decrease the motivation of those who have committed crime in the past to reoffend in the future, whilst boosting their chances of securing a job and finding a suitable place to live.

The Activity Hubs project is funded via the HM Prison & Probation Service Co-financing Organisation (HMPPS CFO). HMPPS CFO is a European Social Fund resettlement support programme which delivers projects aimed at improving employability, which are seen as key to changing lives and reducing reoffending. To learn more about the work of HMPPS CFO, please visit:

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