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New Liverpool Service for People on Probation Opens

Key insight 01 October 2021

Our new rehabilitation service in Liverpool has officially opened, providing a safe and supportive space to help individuals move away from a life of crime and reintegrate back into society.

The newly launched Co-financing organisations (CFO) Activity Hubs provides targeted interventions to one of the hardest-to-reach groups in our society. This includes skills training, help with securing employment, tailored advice and guidance, as well as interactions with positive role models and peers at a similar stage of their rehabilitation journey.

Suki Binning, Interventions Alliance Chief Social Worker/Executive Director of Justice and Social Care said:

“The CFO Activity Hubs will provide a safe and supportive space for those on probation license or supervision orders to develop plans to move forward.

“Offenders are one group in our society that can sometimes feel they are forgotten, but as an established provider of high-quality public services, Interventions Alliance believes that no one should be left behind. CFO Activity Hubs will deliver targeted interventions to improve the support provided to one of the hardest-to-reach groups in our society.

“Working in partnership with specialist organisations, we are helping individuals in the criminal justice system to build a better future through tailored support, advice and guidance, as they progress on their rehabilitation journey.”

Mark Nickson, Head of HMPPS CFO, added:

“As the commissioners of the CFO Activity Hub Programme, we are pleased to be working with Seetec as prime provider for the North West, South East and South West. We have a high level of confidence that their considerable expertise and strong track record of delivery within the criminal justice sector will result in improved outcomes for individuals being referred into their Hubs.

“The activities within the Hubs have been carefully designed to serve as gateways to specialist support, which in turn contribute positively to improving compliance rates with community orders and supervision requirements as well as reducing levels of reoffending. Looking at the programme on offer across Seetec’s Hubs, there is both consistency to give us assurance as to the integrity of adherence to the original vision and variation to offer learning opportunities to help the programme grow.”

The CFO is part funded by the European Social Fund and our Activity Hubs are also in operation in Hastings, Manchester, Chatham, Warrington and Bristol. Read more about this service here.