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Perpetrator Programme Helps End the Cycle of Abuse

Key insight 03 March 2021

While his relationships kept ending, David’s abusive behaviour without intervention did not. Taking ownership of his actions, he completed our domestic abuse programme, gaining the skills to end the cycle that he has been trapped in for years.

Having assaulted his ex-partner, and harassed another, the courts mandated that David join our domestic abuse programme. He described himself at that time as a bully.

I was the most selfish person before I started on the programme, I didn’t know how to behave any other way. I’m a recovering cocaine addict and used to get very aggressive. I didn’t care about anyone else’s thoughts or feelings.

A positive way forward

Since being on our programme, David has given up drugs and attained new skills to deal with situations in a healthier and more constructive way. Describing the processes he uses, he says:

“I take time out when I need to, and I consider other people’s thoughts and feelings. I have developed much more patience and try negotiating when there is disagreement.”

A father of two, David has not seen his children for two years because of his behaviour. He hopes with the changes he has made, that in time, he will be able to see them again.

By accepting responsibility for his past actions, David has made choices that will help him transform his life. He has stopped hiding things and has learned to be open and honest. Having completed our programme before Christmas, David is much happier. He has talked about his past with his new partner and is proud of who he has become.

The programme couldn’t have come at a better time for David – he had hit rock bottom. Having a greater understanding of himself, he can better manage his feeling and how he reacts.

Looking forward, David said,

What’s in front of you is the most important, you can’t change what you’ve done but you can change the future.

Through David’s courage and commitment to turn his life around, he has paved the way for a much brighter future.

How we help

Providing perpetrators with tools to stop their damaging attitudes and behaviours is fundamental to breaking the cycle of abuse. Teaching them better ways to act, creates a happier and healthier life for the individual and all those they impact.

  • Our domestic abuse programme gives perpetrators understanding and skills to avoid turning to harmful behaviours.
  • We provide a domestic abuse safety advisor to assist the partner or ex-partner. They help them gain access to local and national support agencies and develop a personalised safety plan to protect them and any children.

To find out more about our evidence-led solutions that address harmful behaviours, see our Crime and harm prevention page.

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