Domestic Abuse Support:
Healthy Relationships Intervention

We want to help you make a fresh start, by building lasting positive personal relationships.

The Healthy Relationships Intervention aims to respond to domestic abuse, by encouraging you to understand the choices needed to make a change. You will work with a professional to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe, supportive space, so you can develop skills to manage these better in the future.

Compulsive and Obsessive Behaviour Intervention (COBI)

COBI is a treatment for people whose thoughts and behaviours could be described as obsessive.

It is a challenging and intensive talking therapy which uses a treatment model called Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

We offer the programme to people whose behaviour has causes harm and distress to others. Our therapy helps the perpetrator to acknowledge, accept, recognise and manage the difficult emotions that trigger harmful behaviour.