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Interventions Alliance employee wins prestigious High Sheriffs award

Announcements Key insight 17 July 2023

Education, Training and Employment (ETE) Coach David Carr has become the first Interventions Alliance colleague to be awarded the High Sheriffs Award, for his outstanding participant-centred approach in delivering ETE support under the Commissioned Rehabilitative Services (CRS) for HMPPS.

The Essex Probation High Sheriff’s Awards provide recognition and financial support for schemes where local people or organisations tackle crime or social problems in their communities. David was nominated by his HMPPS colleagues from Braintree who appreciate his ability for making the most of every opportunity for the participants he supports.

David attended the awards ceremony accompanied by his colleagues.  He said about his achievement: “I feel very blessed to be able to work in the Basildon Office with my HMPPS colleagues, it’s very team orientated and working there I feel part of a family. I feel very supported and it’s a friendly and exciting workplace where we all do everything we can to make a positive difference to the people we work with on probation. The leadership in the Basildon office helps us set goals and achieve them for our participants and I feel humbled by this award as we all work together to achieve some great results.”

“I believe good support is all about working together and building strong and meaningful relationships, I am grateful that I can do this with both the participants I work with and my HMPPS colleagues.”

ETE Support helps participants working with the probation service to get a job, apprenticeship or placement, gain new qualifications or improve key skills, whilst also working with lots of employers from different industries who are positive about employing people with former convictions.

Martin Lucas, Head of South Essex PDU, said “I’m very encouraged to read the success stories that David Carr from Interventions Alliance has shared. This is life-changing work for the individuals involved – so congratulations to them and David for the support he has given them. If you are working with people on probation who need help to get a job or access training, don’t let them miss out on the excellent support David and his colleagues can offer.”